The Osbourne’s Auction pt. 1


So strange things happen. . . We are starting the redesign of the new site when the news breaks about Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s Auction to benefit colon research. Suddenly the “Sassy Couple” Mosaic that they commissioned from me is on the auction block.


Check out this link


and this one


This is from the UK MSN site:


Are you a fan of the Osbournes? Ever wanted to buy yourself a little piece of Sharon or Ozzy? Well now you can! The Osbourne family is auctioning off 500 items from their Beverly Hills and Buckinghamshire homes, including gothic furniture, items of clothing and one-off collectables. Goodies up for grabs include Ozzy’s leather trousers, Sharon’s wigs and jewellery, beds that once belonged to Kelly and Jack, and the quad bike that Ozzy fell off in 2003, sustaining serious injuries. Check out the gallery for what’s on offer – the live auction takes place on November 30 at

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