I began my career as an artist by accident while studying business in college. Having to fulfill an elective requirement, I reluctantly chose an art class… and as they say, the rest is history. I later apprenticed with renowned artist, Lois Stout, in Sedona, Arizona. Under her guidance I learned painting, framing, jewelry, ceramics, and candlemaking. Soon after my apprenticeship, I was teaching ceramic painting techniques when a student inquired about mosaics.  Immediately, I was hooked.

For over 10 years now, I have been creating mosaics.  I sculpt and hand paint most of my tiles, and I am constantly searching for unique and exotic materials to incorporate into my pieces.

Tiffany’s mosaic art can be seen internationally in private collections, businesses, galleries, churches, and restaurants.  Her work has been featured on HGTV, DIY, Sedona Now Network and seen on MTV, VH1, and ABC. She has also been featured in such publications as In Touch Magizine, The LA Times, and The Boulder Times.

LoisandTiff“Lois used to say that, ‘Art is an expression of emotion,’ and I think that is what draws me to it.”

Tiffany Miller comes from a long line of musicians and artists….





Tiffany’s great-uncle, John Eric Broaddus, was a world-renowned artist and scenic designer.  But he was probably best known for both his elaborate costumes that were a mainstay at the height of the Studio 54 scene; and his intricate “Book-Art Works,” which are in the collection of The Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as in the private collections of icons like David Bowie, Alexandra Anderson, Anthony Clavet, Arthur Williams, David Kidd, and King Hussein and Queen Noor of Aman, Jordan.



Tiffany’s father, robin-millerRobin Miller, is a Performing artist and composer who has surrounded himself with music since he was a child. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, he beganplaying the guitar at age 7, put together his first band at age 14, and composed and recorded his first album by the time he was 18.
Robin has recorded albums with various artists for labels such as A&M, MCA, and RCA. Proficient on guitar, keyboards, bass, and mandolin, Robin loves to incorporate his versatility through rock & roll, blues, new age, and many other types of music.  In 1993, Robin received the prestigious Arizona

Entertainment Award for New Age Artist of the Year. In 1995, Robin performed on the NBC nationally syndicated talk show, THE OTHER SIDE. Other performances included shows with well-known celebrities such as medium and healer James Van Praagh, who has been seen on LARRY KING LIVE, OPRAH, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, etc., and who now uses Robin’s music on several of his meditation tapes. Robin has also appeared with world-renowned psychic Sylvia Browne and toured with her for two years. Sylvia has said that “Robin’s music comes directly from the angels.”
Robin receives airplay on cable radio and FM stations across the USA and Canada and musical streaming through DMX and MUZAK satellite channels.
Currently living in Sedona, Arizona, he is continuously creating new music and performing locally. Robin is available for concerts, tours, group functions, and seminars.


Tiffany’s Brother, Eric Miller, began seriously playing guitar at the age of twelve, inspired by all the great rhythm-n-blues and rock-n-roll of the Detroit area.  Coming from a family of musicians and artists, Eric started playing professionally when he was sixteen.  In no time he was playing some of the hottest and biggest venues of the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Hungry for travel and exposure to different sounds and music, Eric left Detroit In the mid 90′s to travel to Europe where he spent months busking on the streets of France, Italy, London, Ireland and eventually Spain.  It was there that he was seduced by the art of flamenco. After returning to the States, he was privileged to meet and eventually perform with La Dama Maria Del Carmen, a world renowned flamenco dancer who has performed with such flamenco greats as maestros Carlos Montoya and Juan Serrano.

After several years of disciplined study and performance of flamenco, Eric found himself drawn towards Brazilian music, inspired by the brilliance of masters such as Antonio Carlos Jobim and Caetano Veloso.  Eric says, “There is so much ocean and sun in bossa nova and samba that it is always refreshing to listen to.”  Eric has toured the Southern United States with Karren Pell, a Nashville songwriter, who he still writes many of his songs with. He also has been on tour with the flamenco dance company Arte y Pureza, playing with the band Sir Sultry in the flamenco rock opera A Spanish Day.

Most recently, Eric co-collaborated to compose music for a documentary film called The Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato for the Detroit Science Center. Today Eric has found his own voice, emerging with an interwoven cultural style that is unique unto him.  His music is diverse and he continues to travel and play, collaborating with many great musicians around the world.

Eric has produced seven CDs and is working on his eighth which will be a collection of his original Brazilian music entitled A Kiss From Brazil.  You can find his music on CD BABY and give him a like on his FACEBOOK page.

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