How About Multicolored Grout!


This mosaic calls for more than one grout color, and I think I’ve got my palette figured out. 

#deanstree #treeoflife #mosaicsrule #groutgirl  

At last, time to grout!!


#deanstree, #treeoflife, #mosaicartrules

Did I mention, it glows in the dark?

#deanstree #treeoflife #mosaic #micdrop


Happy St. Patty’s Day!! 


Magical Light

The clouds broke and some sunlight peeked though. I love the way light brings the mosaic to life. 

Accidental cubism…

Moving the panels around.


Mosaic puzzle

The panels are stacking up…


Dean’s Tree– Back at it in 2015

2nd City Council Art Gallery!

Tesserae: The Art of Mosaic Exhibit


In beautiful Long Beach, California

Over the summer I was honored to be selected for a juried exhibition, that focuses on mosaic art.  Its hosted by the 2CC Gallery.  Accepted pieces were chosen from hundreds of submissions, featuring some of the finest contemporary mosaic artists.

Meet Korlah pt 2