Meet Korlah pt 2


What to say?

korlah-ywca-34.jpg My deepest desire was to express in this portrait, Korlah’s indomitable spirit. I also wanted to do justice to her incredible, radiant beauty. Over the course of our meetings and correspondence I tried to learn about her interests and passions, in the hopes of incorporating them, in some way, into the piece.



korlah-ywca-14.jpgTo create “Korlah” I knew I would use her favorite colors, but I wanted to hand paint bisque tiles so that I could create natural variation and shading within each color. I also hand sculpted many different images that corresponded with various aspects of her life and dreams. I like to use images like this in unexpected ways, to elaborate on her story. Once all sculpting, glazing, and firings, were complete I was ready to mosaic!





M Street Show!


Tiffany Miller Mosaics is proud to announce that Tiffany will be showing, for the entire holiday season, at the M Street Coffee House and Gallery!  Featuring over 60 original mosaics, plus Holiday cards, posters, and more!!

Reception on Dec. 10, 2009!! From 6pm-9pm.


  With Special Guest:

Eric Miller

New Bathroom Mosaic!

 bathroom process bathroom process CU

Here is a bathroom I just finished installing a custom mosaic in. It is a beautifully appointed bathroom in the Hollywood Hills, and the client wanted an Italian inspired mosaic of a conch shell. I used all unpolished marble to give it an ancient feel, except for a little bit of the inner shell which was polished. I also used a green, in the border, that matches tile flooring in various parts of the clients house– connecting the piece to its environment. It was a really fun project– here are some pics of the installation.


bathroom finished 1Bathroom finished 2

Here it is, all done!

More Pics of the Finished Bathroom

bathroom pan

shell in mirrorshell and tub

A few more–

Simple Math….