Some artists, checking out their work–


Tiffany Miller Mosaics Hosts a Family Workshop!


The Berlin Family, all the way from Cleveland, OH!

Getting Started…


The kids wasted no time painting a few tiles of their own….  Just some brushes, glaze, some 6×6 bisque tiles, and away we go!

Yayy, Hand Prints!


Hand prints are one of my favorite things to do with kids.  Its simple, its fun to get messy, and they really mark time in a special way.  Its a little time capsule that they can look back on for the rest of their life.  I always use low-fire glazes for this kind of thing, to protect the print while firing. 

Next up, Grout!


These kids are nearly pros!  They said that they had seen my “Sassy Linda” episode, on HGTV, over 50 times!  And they wanted to help finish their very own Sassy Family Caricature.  First off, everyone took a turn mixing the grout.

Time to get really dirty!


You have to be sure to sponge the grout on thoroughly….

The Big Reveal!

clean-grout2jpg.jpgThis is perhaps the most exciting part of the process– its when the piece really comes to life! It also takes a lot of elbow grease….How wonderful to have these helpers!

Future Mosaic Artist!


She’s so cute, I can barely stand it!

All Done!

berlin-family.jpg Here is the finished piece…. And the hand prints, after they got fired!


More on the Bathroom Mosaic!

shell-border-vert.jpg I just finished creating the border for the conch shell mosaic! Just like the shell, its on mesh, broken up into 4 separate pieces. All that’s left now is installation! I can’t wait! I’ll be sure to post a picture of the finished bathroom so you can see how it all comes together.