New Bathroom Mosaic!

shell-in-progress.JPGAfter visiting the Getty Villa: Stories in Stone Exhibit featuring masterpieces from the National Museums of Tunisia, with my dear friend Jane Ann Stewart (The brilliant and fantastic production designer from such films as Sideways, Election, & The Family Stone), we decided to create a small and simple mosaic in this style and technique for her bathroom.

Many of those ancient mosaics were of objects and creatures from the natural world, and Jane has a special connection with conch shells (every since she was a little girl), so that’s what I am making for her.  

Here is the shell on mesh.  I am waiting on some special blue tiles, on back order, that I will incorporate into the background and boarder.  We want the blue to connect with the blue in her swimming pool, since this bathroom is just off the pool.  

Stay tuned for updates as I complete the piece and install it into her lovely new bathroom!

Sassy Cheryl

Sassy CherylShe’s finished! 

Time to Clean Sassy Cheryl!

Sassy CherylWell she’s getting there…

My Latest Sassy!

Sassy CherylI’m grouting my latest Sassy–It’s a surprise Christmas gift for the owner of the coolest Cafe in Sedona, AZ. (If you know her, don’t tell her!)

Tiffany on HGTV

Tiffany gives the basic steps on how to make a Sassy Girl Mosaic.

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