Dean’s Tree of Life mosaic mural, fabrication and construction of panels 1 and 2.

Stained Glass Pet Portrait!

Pet Portrait

6th Annual M Street Show!

2013 M STREET INVITE Hope to see you there!!

Dia De Los Muertos!

My favorite time of year!!


2nd City Council Art Gallery!

Tesserae: The Art of Mosaic Exhibit


In beautiful Long Beach, California

Over the summer I was honored to be selected for a juried exhibition, that focuses on mosaic art.  Its hosted by the 2CC Gallery.  Accepted pieces were chosen from hundreds of submissions, featuring some of the finest contemporary mosaic artists.

2CC Show!


It really was a fantastic show– such a lovely space, amazing  mosaics, and a large, festive crowd.  In the back courtyard, there were hors d’oeuvres and live music!  

It truly was an honor to be a part of such a great show!

2CC Gallery!


What to say?

korlah-ywca-34.jpg My deepest desire was to express in this portrait, Korlah’s indomitable spirit. I also wanted to do justice to her incredible, radiant beauty. Over the course of our meetings and correspondence I tried to learn about her interests and passions, in the hopes of incorporating them, in some way, into the piece.



korlah-ywca-14.jpgTo create “Korlah” I knew I would use her favorite colors, but I wanted to hand paint bisque tiles so that I could create natural variation and shading within each color. I also hand sculpted many different images that corresponded with various aspects of her life and dreams. I like to use images like this in unexpected ways, to elaborate on her story. Once all sculpting, glazing, and firings, were complete I was ready to mosaic!

M Street Show!


Tiffany Miller Mosaics is proud to announce that Tiffany will be showing, for the entire holiday season, at the M Street Coffee House and Gallery!  Featuring over 60 original mosaics, plus Holiday cards, posters, and more!!

Reception on Dec. 10, 2009!! From 6pm-9pm.


  With Special Guest:

Eric Miller