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Custom Architectural Mosaics

Installing an architectural mosaic in your home or business is a powerful way to make your space (indoors or out) utterly unique, memorable, and more valuable.

What makes a mosaic “architectural” is that it is installed into the permanent structure of your space.  In this way, the mosaic becomes the crowning jewel of your space’s décor.

Whether your adding the final piece to an existing décor or creating a whole new space, I can work with you in designing the perfect mosaic for your vision.

In General, for an estimate, you will need to have the following information available:

  • Location of Mosaic (indoor, outdoor, wall, backsplash, shower etc.)
  • Size of Mosaic
  • Your design ideas (any pictures of reference material is great)
  • Materials (tile, stained glass, hand painted tile, hand sculpted tile, stone, smalti etc.)
  • Time line for Mosaic to be started and completed by.


Determining a price for an architectural mosaic is made difficult by the number of variables involved.

Basically the cost is my rate, plus materials, plus any necessary equipment rental and/ or any additional expenses for shipping, travel and lodging.

Because every individual piece of your mosaic is placed and shaped by hand, my rate varies based on the complexity of the design, the degree and amount of detail in the mosaic, the location of the mosaic, and the materials used in the mosaic (some materials are more labor intensive than others).  Your mosaic can be made with broad impressionistic strokes or in minute detail.

Based on these considerations my rate can vary from as little as $80 per square foot up to $1400 per square foot– usually landing around $300 per square foot.  This broad range of rates can be greatly narrowed down the first time we talk about your project, with just a few basic details of what you are looking for.

Please see the policy page for further details.

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